Social Debugging: Digital technology in NGOs

Image result for social debugging Social Debugging?: Digital Technology in NGOs – MOVE.BG Together with our partners in Human in the Loop, we are pleased to invite you to the first two-day solvathon – Social Debugging: Digital technology in NGOs, to be held on May 5th and 6th at MOVE.BG.

The event will meet representatives of non-governmental organizations and social enterprises with IT and business experts. The goal of Social Debugging is to meet the need for technological skills in the NGO sector to develop innovation with a social mission.

Seven organizations (challenge hosts) will challenge their digital project, which is directly related to their social mission and responds to a specific social challenge. This can be a mobile application, an online platform, an in-house software, or anything else. Organizations are selected with attention to the potential of their ideas and the results achieved so far.

Professionals with technological knowledge and experience, designers and business experts will join the teams of the organizations. Over a weekend, the teams will work on the development of the technology solution and will use their skills and expertise to support a socially relevant topic.

We invite everyone with a technological and business profile to become involved and to contribute to the digitization of the non-governmental sector in our country. If you wish to participate as an expert, please fill in the registration form or write to


  • Education without backpacks ( Khan Academy Bg )

The project: A platform that will help Bulgarian students and teachers orient themselves in the content of Canadian Academy to the Bulgarian curricula (the content now follows the logical “knowledge tree of the Cannes Academy”, but for the students it makes sense to be able to look for their needs lesson or exercise and the class and topic they are in school).
This project is looking for a mentor!

  • Taratantsi / Taratanci

The project: Augmented reality, which accompanies the dancing puzzle with the steps of the choral dance of Taratantsi. By just looking at the images of the puzzle, one can not fully understand the sequence of the steps in the scheme. The application will further digital images, complementing them with music and the animated sequencing of each horo’s footsteps.
This project is looking for a mentor!

  • Foundation Future Now

The project: Online e-learning platform, virtual counseling and an online specialized library for specialists and parents of children with developmental difficulties. The platform will include modules such as “Electronic Learning”, “Virtual Consulting Cabinet”, online consultations with specialists (psychologist, speech therapist, social worker, etc.), “Meeting with the Specialist”, “Electronic Libraries”, ” Webinars “and” Forum. ”
This project is looking for a mentor!

  • Bulgarian Observatory of Mountain Chalets

The project: A telephone application for tourists to report pollution in the mountains. The goal is when a visitor finds a polluted place in the Mountain to be able to report with one click on his phone to the organization’s site with GPS coordinates and a picture of the polluted site.
This project is looking for a mentor!

  • Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria

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The project : Site and / or mobile application for studying the Bulgarian language of speech. Based on the first vocabulary of the sign language created by the organization, a visionalist is developed, where the movements at each word / gesture are presented in a visual way. The site and / or app will help everyone learn a language of speech.
Mentor: Ashdod Derandonian

  • Studio “Amalthea”

The project: A platform that implements standardized algorithms for diagnostics and therapy in day-to-day work with children of speech therapists in Bulgaria. At present, there are no objective evaluation criteria in speech therapists, so the platform will include therapies scheduled by hours with specific methodologies as well as “test points”.
This project is looking for a mentor!

  • EduCompass Foundation

The project: Career guidance and development platform for young people, especially those from neighborhood schools, including job opportunities, internships and mentoring. The youngsters will be able to create their own profile, get to know the reality of the labor market, find opportunities for realization, and connect with employers and mentors.
This project is looking for a mentor!

Why Social Debugging?

Encountering professionals from different backgrounds and bringing together their entrepreneurial and technological knowledge has a significant social impact. NGOs and companies know their audience well enough, and our goal is to let them focus on what really matters, while IT and business experts help them cope with the challenges through the benefits of technology. We organize the social debugging format to find solutions to real organizations challenges with the help of digital technologies. We address the problems presented by companies, public and non-governmental organizations, and solve them with the knowledge and passion of digital and business professionals. And because causes and worthwhile ventures deserve to have their own online place, it will be kept free of charge for the participants thanks to our friends at .