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Nearly 20 percent of people in Croatia live on the brink of poverty, according to the latest data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Nearly 900,000 people in Croatia live below the poverty line and need loans the same day. A million and a half are at risk of poverty.

View our online loans same day approval now

This data sounds devastating, especially since people need to raise credit to cover basic things like food and utilities. And if an unpredictable situation happens, rarely any of them can finance it from their monthly budget. It is therefore not surprising that citizens are increasingly seeking online loans same day approval at

The payment deadline is within 24 hours of the submission of the request, and time is of vital importance in crisis situations. These youth loans are among the most sought after because they are paid off quickly.

Same-day loans are a quick emergency solution

Same-day loans are a quick and effective solution in the event of an emergency that requires a quick cash inflow. These can be day-to-day situations such as covering the down payment and paying overheads, or extraordinary ones such as sudden medical expenses, car repairs, or mastering the apartment.

Fast loans on the same day involve less money and therefore a short repayment period. This is something that bothers some people with this type of loan, but others see it as an advantage because they can repay their debts and reapply for loans the same day with the next payday.

Same-day loans are available online

Same-day loans are available online. For the most part, they have credit companies that have switched their business online, while banks only partially make their requests online. The biggest benefit of a same-day loan is the extremely quick approval, usually within 24 hours of applying.

Most often, they only require a copy of their ID and current account documents and the completed form and contract to be downloaded from their online site. If the amount is more than HRK 3,000, then an extract from the bank account and a payroll or pension list must be included with the required documentation. The account must not be protected or blocked, which means that a potential client should have regular income and settle their debts in a timely manner.

Until the loan on the same day without certificates and guarantors

Until the loan on the same day without certificates and guarantors

Same-day loans imply a smaller sum of money with a shorter repayment period, which is why it is not necessary to specify a co-debtor or guarantor as a security measure. Sufficient insurance is cash receipts or creditworthiness of the client. In addition, one of the bigger advantages is that there is no need for certification by a notary public as soon as the much needed money is wasted.

Just because these are smaller sums of money and the fact that credit institutions work to improve services and reduce paperwork, no employer certification is required. Which can be a positive side for all those with whom the employer denies insight into the business and thus prevents the submission of loan applications on the same day. This is especially true for people who are part-time and are excluded as potential clients by banks.

They can apply for loans the same day as people employed on a permanent basis. Credit companies have recognized them as valuable clients that actually make up the majority of the market, so the same market needs to be tailored to them.